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Middle-Ogun Irrigation Project

Project Description

The firm is responsible for the detailed design and construction management of the project expected to pump water for the irrigation of 3000ha under sprinkler irrigation system and also provide potable water supply to Iseyin and its environs in Oyo State, Nigeria.

The main features of this project include:

  • Headworks comprising of 70m Concrete Ogee Spillway, Counterfort retaining walls, 70m Reinforced Concrete bridge deck.
  • Intake works and pump stations.
  • Generator house with 5no. 1.5MVA Generators.
  • Installations of 8no., 900HP vertical pumps with total pump capacity of 3,850 cumecs and field head of 77.5m.
  • 14km of 900/800/700mm diameter. Ductile Iron Rising Mains
  • Regulating Reservoirs complete with inlet structures and secondary pump stations for water distillation to the farms.
  • of 4.5ha units of farms to employ about 4000 farming families.
  • Sprinkler Irrigation Distribution System for 3,000 hectares of irrigable land.
  • Infrastructural Development which includes 152km service road, secondary and farm roads with on-farm drawings works.

We were responsible for Detail Design, Preparation of Construction drawings, Work Programming, Monthly Work Valuation and general direction of the works.

The Federal Government of Nigeria
Iseyin Town, Oyo State, Nigeria
3,850 cumecs
Completed, 1999