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Proposed 460MW Grand Kastina Ala Hydropower project

  • Proposed 460MW Grand Kastina Ala Hydropower project



The proposed 460MW Grand Kastina Ala Hydropower project to be developed as a Public-Private Partnership. The proposed hydroelectric power plant (HP) is located on the Katsina Ala River in Benue State, downstream to the existing 40MW Kashimbilla Hydropower Plant. The construction of Grand Kastina Ala Hydropower project will be at the left bank tributary of Benue River which is the Katsina Ala River joining the Benue River at a location close to the City of Makurdi, having half of its total catchment (of 23,154 km2) located in the mountainous areas of Cameroon where rainfall average exceeds 2.0 m per year and presenting sites for potential large regulating reservoirs.

The main objective of developing the project is to generate electricity aimed at boosting the country’s power generation and increased economic activities. It is environmentally friendly with zero greenhouse gases (GHG) emission and eligible for carbon trading in compliance with KYOTO Protocol.

An hydroelectric development at these locations will take advantage of the river flow regulated not only by the Kashimbila reservoir (having a regulating capacity of some 500 million m3), but also by the two proposed schemes in Cameroon on the Katsina Ala river upstream of Kashimbila, Menchum and Kpep/Kwaf [having a regulating capacity estimated between 1,370 m3 and above 5,000 million m3 for the largest reservoir contemplated at Kpep]. The combined effects of cascade hydropower development along the Katsina-Ala River will increase the river flow regulation, with a positive effect downstream on the Benue river and for any possible additional development on the Katsina Ala river. Power evacuation will be achieved with the expansion of the 132 kV and 330kVinfrastructure layouts

Federal Ministry of Power
Benue State, Nigeria
Public-Private partnership
Tunde Adewumi