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Gurara Irrigation Project (2,000Ha)

  • Gurara Irrigation Project (2,000Ha)
  • Gurara Irrigation Project (2,000Ha)
  • Gurara Irrigation Project (2,000Ha)
  • Gurara Irrigation Project (2,000Ha)


The availability of a constant flow of 28m3/s,  regulated by the dam and released after having generated electricity through a 30MW power plant in the Gurara river bed, is the core of the implementation of an irrigation scheme downstream of the dam.  This scheme will allow the development of modern irrigated agriculture.  In this frame, an Irrigation Pilot Project with a surface of 2,000ha is actually under realization utilizing gravity, sprinkler and rain gun irrigation technologies.

The implementation of such a project in proximity of the dam will allow for the settlement of communities that will have to be relocated from the area of the reservoir, providing considerable social benefits to the population affected by the construction of the dam.  The selected crops involve fruit, vegetables and cereals and their production will provide work and economic self-sufficiency for the production.  The water supply to the Pilot Project will be assured by two valve-regulated intakes, located on the power house penstock and on the conveyance pipeline tunnel outlets.

On the basis of the pilot project experience, the final Irrigation Master Plan foresees the realization of 14,000ha irrigated surface in the Gurara valley.

The development of agriculture and agro-industry will also create vast employment opportunities.

We were responsible for

  • Intake and Tunnel for Conveyance Pipeline.
  • Access Shaft to Gate Room: Bottom Outlet Tunnel.
  • Access Shaft to Gate Room & Pipeline Intake Tunnel
  • Abaza Access Road Bridge

The Federal Government of Nigeria
Gurara, Kaduna State, Nigeria
Completed, 2008
Consulting Engineering